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Crystalina’s Lookbook Part 3

It’s another braids day! What hairstyles have you tried with your Crown Cuties? Send your pics my way at photos@cutiepopsdolls.com

Pops & Kisses,


Crystalina’s Lookbook Part 2

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Fridays are known to be Casual Fridays so I took down my crown and did a swirly braid. I separated my pigtails in two, braided one part, and used the other part to wrap around the braid. More hairstyles to come!

Pops Truly,

Crystalina’s Lookbook Part 1

Hi Cuties! It’s me, Crystalina. As you all know, Crown Cuties is all about hair play and today I decided to play up a short bob! What do you think? Does short hair look good on me?


Pearlina’s Lookbook Part II

Hmmm. It’s a braids kind of day!
Should I leave my hair down tomorrow or try another regal updo?


Pearlin’s Debut !

Hey Cuties,

Time for my official debut! My name’s Pearlina and I’m part of the new Crown Cuties.

For this week, I’ll be sharing some cool hairstyles you can play up with the Crown Cuties style crown and wear & share hair braid. Stay Tuned!


Hmmm, puppy pair of dalmations or poodles? Which would you choose?


TPIF! (Thank Pop It’s Friday!)

We’re releasing the first ever royal-tease!


#FlashbackFridays with the sweet sunshine, Jillian Rose Reed from MTV’s Awkward and also Supah Ninjas.

Magenta’s Bling Ring Encounter

Hey Cuties! Magenta here. The Bling Ring is finally released tonight at limited theaters and everywhere next Friday! I simply can’t wait to sit front row and support Israel Brussard on the big screen.

Did I mention how cute he was when we met?

Pretty Litttle Liars & George Lopez

Our Chiffon is featured in George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic 2013!! The silent auction also included our Cutie Pops Pop Pack with a totally cool swag bag from the Cast of Pretty Little Liars!



Dixie or Dainty?

Hmm… Is this Dixie or Dainty?

#tbt at Violet’s Cakes
#TBT Throwback Thursdays with a pic of our first Cutie Pops, Cookie, Chiffon, & Candi visiting Violets Cakes for some of their deliciously poppin` cupcakes!

Mix & Match Your Own POPstar Look

Cutie Pops Petite is so fun to Mix & Match! Pick up your favorites and make your own Cutie Pops POPstar look :)

Guess Who This Is!
Cutie Pops Petites Mix & Match.

Guess who this is!

Christina Milian with Magenta

Singer + Actress, Christina Milian loves Cutie Pops from A.M. to P.M.


Candi’s Fave Place
Hii Cuties! It’s Candi! For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share of photo of my favorite place – NYC’s Central Park.

Where’s your favorite park located?

Carmel’s Blushing!
Hey Pals! It’s Carmel! I can’t stop gushing over meeting Johann Urb. He’s ever MORE handsome in person!

Photo courtesy of Star Foreman

Ronald McDonald Marathon

For our Cuties in the Las Vegas area, please support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas tomorrow for their Runnin’ for the House Marathon. Spend this Saturday afternoon with the family and join in on the fun!

Check out this website for more info: http://www.rmhlv.com/

Petites Mix & Match

Cutie Pops Mix & Match!

Summer’s walking Carmel’s puppy today!

What would you name Carmel’s puppy?

Sonequa Martin-Green with Cutie Pops

Sonequa Martin-Green looks great on and off screen! You can catch her on ABC’s drama Once Upon a Time as Tamara.

Speaking of Once a Upon Time, did anyone catch the shocking Season Finale last night?

Mother’s Day Love
It’s Mother’s Day! Today’s an entire day dedicated to all the hardworking loving moms out there :)

Cutie Pops would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Cutie Moms out there! ♥

Chiffon Encounters Annie Illonzeh

Hi Cuties! It’s Chiffon
Last night’s ep of Arrow was super intense!! I’m so excited for next week’s season finale.
I met Annie Illonzeh from the show (she plays Joanna), and she tells me its going to keep you at the edge of your seat!

Tune in next Wednesday on the CW!

Wow! Look what we stumbled upon on Pinterest! A Cutie Pops Pinata! Check out the link here!

Which Cutie Pops do you think she is?


George Lopez LOVES Cutie Pops!

George Lopez LOVES CUTIE POPS! After he met some of our girls, he asked us to attend his 6th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. We’ll be sharing those pics soon exclusively on our instagram!

Tune in later today @CutiePopsDolls


Iron Man Movie Night

Hey Cuties, it’s Starr popping by! TPIF!! (Thank Pop It’s Friday) I love Fridays because so many movies come out in theaters! I’m going to take Popcorn to see Ironman 3.

What movie will you be watching today?


Throwback Thursdays! #tbt The very first three Cutie Pops that came out. Chiffon, Cookie and Candi.

Do you know which one is Lollipop themed?


Guess Who’s Still a Kid at Heart?

Still a kid at heart ♥

Eric Roberts, father of Emma Roberts and brother to gorgeous Julia Roberts, plays up a Cutie Pops Bow pop at this year MTV Movie Awards.

One Tree Hill Stud

Magenta hangs out with One Tree Hill’s basketball stud, Robbie Jones.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing Champ, Sugar Ray Leonard spent quite some time with Cutie Pops and his grandson picking out a doll. Aww they look so happy with Carmel!

Image courtesy of Star Foreman

Totally Lexi Interviews Cutie Pops!

Cutie Pops Attends MTV Movie Awards

Here are some of the Cutie Pops girls attending the MTV Movie Award’s Gifting Suite.

Which one of these Cutie Pops do you already have?

Max Charles Blushes

Max Charles from Parenthood grabbed our Cutie Pops R/C for a photo after we asked if he picked out a doll for any special girls. He blushed but said no. How adorable!

Starstruck ♥

Starstruck with Jean-Luc Bilodeau.. Isn’t he gorgeous!?

Starr and Popcorn will totally be gushing over him on May 29th when the new season of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy airs!

Tucker in Real Life

Lil’ brother of Tia and Tamera Mowry, Tahj, gave us a jaw-dropping snapshot of a doll he chose for his god sister.

Catch him on ABC’s Baby Daddy! (We heard an exclusive tip that they’ve been picked up for another season! Hooray!!)

Stacie’s Got It Going On! Stacie from Pitch Perfect that is- played by Alexis Knapp.

Chiffon fell in love with her bold colors that she rocked to the MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suite.


Songwriter, singer and actress Ester Dean also from Pitch Perfect had an Aca-Awesome time with Magenta!

What’s your favorite Pitch Perfect song?


Aca-Amazing! Hana Mae Lee from the sensational musical comedy Pitch Perfect picked out Tangerine as her fave! OMP! Even their bangs match. ;)


Check out the Pitch Perfect Trailer here!

Keep Calm and Gleek On!

Coach Beiste played by Dot Marie Jones on Fox’s musical hit Glee, picked out Chiffon for her nieces.

Who’s your favorite Glee character?

Youngest Actress to be Nominated. Click to see who!

Cutie Pops and Academy Award nominated Miss Quvenzhane Wallis share a cutie-licious moment at this year’s MTV Movie Awards ♥ Click here to read the entire Huffington Post!


Red Carpet Host Interviews Cutie Pops

Cutie Pops Aired on Mingle Media TV. Red Carpet Report Host, Miss Linda Antwi loved us so much, she says she’s ready to dress up as a Cutie Pops for Halloween this year!



“Shake It up” with Cutie Pops

Chiffon simply couldn’t stop blushing when she met Disney’s Kenton Duty from Shake It Up!

Tune in the rest of this week to see more celeb meet and greets with Cutie Pops Swirly Brights from the 2013 MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suite hosted by GBK.

Meet Star Posey

Hi Cutie Pops fans! My name’s Star Posey! It’s been super exciting watching everyone enter in this contest for a chance to name me!

I’d like to congratulate Jeanna J. for having the most votes in “The Amazing Name Contest” and for the very unique name that I can now call my own!


I’d like to also thank all the special fans that entered my contest! It’s so thrilling to see so many cool names submitted. If you have any questions, please Read Here for more important details regarding this contest.

I wish everyone the best and thank you all again for supporting Cutie Pops!

Pops Truly,

Star Posey♥


A Special Cutie Pops Thank You!

Hello Cutie Pops Fans!

We are so thrilled that so many of you entered in our “The Amazing Name” Contest. It was super fun watching all of our fans get creative and send in all those poptacular names! We love organizing contests that reward our Cutie Pops community and it is our wish that these activities encourage communication and sharing amongst our fans. Every single one of you represents Cutie Pops with your own unique one-of-a-kind style!


We want to make all our contests fair and fun for everyone. If you encounter a situation where you believe there could be suspicious activity, please send Cutie Pops an email at contests@cutiepopsdolls.com and we will investigate the issue with the necessary steps of action. Cheating and bullying is neither encouraged nor welcomed in our community.


Thank you all so much for supporting Cutie Pops! Without our lovable fans, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We hope you all have a pleasant contest!



With all our pops, we wish everyone the best and hope to see you all for the next sweepstakes,


♥ The Cutie Pops Family

Pop you Later!

Cookie in a Whole New Look

JE sent in their own look for Cookie!

Isn’t she totally fab?

Show us your look to photos@cutiepopsdolls.com :)

First Coloring Page Submission

Here’s our very first Cutie Pops Coloring Page Submission :)

Thanks to our fan, Violet M.

Can anyone name which Cutie Pops this is?

Cutie Pops Charity Sponsor

Sending out our Pops of Love to Evergreen Elementary ♥

Color Me Cute

 Color Me Cute!

Here are your favorite Cutie Pops girls in black ‘n white for you to color! Share with us your colored images at photos@cutiepopsdolls.com!

Click on the Images above or the links below to download the images!





Basket Full of Goodies

With Easter coming up this Sunday, Cutie ♥ Pops Petites are the perfect Basket full of Goodies!




Click Here to Vote!

Time to cast your votes to your favorite Amazing Name! Check out the link and pick your favorites!

(You can vote on as many entries as you’d like)

Gweniver’s Cutie Pops

This picture’s worth more than a thousand words.

Cutie Pops donated various dolls to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and was able to brighten up young Gweniver’s day!

She has been diagnosed with with a heart condition and needed surge…ry. During her stay at RMHC, she took one look at our Cutie Pops and said “I take home! I take home!”

Our prayers go to her and her family. Please Share & Like this photo to support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas!


Cutie Pops Chat

Cutie Pops Chat by Stephanie

Real Life Cutie shares her Cutie Pops Fashion ♥

Last Day to Enter!

Today’s the last day! Oh My Pop! We can hardly wait to let the polls begin!

Enter now before it’s too late!
Click Here to Enter

Pi Day!

Happy 3.14 Pie Day Cuties!

All of us will be having a delicious slice! Yumm Pumpkin Pie. ♥ What flavor will you be indulging in today?

2 Days Left!

Check out this totally Pop-tacular Name Plate our Designers made for the One-of-a-Kind Doll!

Only 2 Days left before we close the Contest.

Pop on by now before it’s too late! Click Here Now!


Enter Now Before It’s Too Late!

Enter Now for your chance to win her! Click Here.



Cutie Pops are EYE-Conic!

Can you tell which commercial this frame is from?

One Name to Win it All

One Name to Win it All

Enter now for a chance to win our Designer’s One-of-a-Kind Doll! Winner will get everything you see here including this super glam chair accessory. Click Here.


Carmel in 2-D

Time for my Illustration debut! These red and pink heart lashes are so glam for Chiffon’s Tea Party tonight! See you Cuties around. :)

Oh, and don’t forget to enter in The Amazing Name! Click Here.

♥ Carmel



Candi in 2-D

Hey pals! Just poppin’ by to say hi with my 2-D Illustration :) Hope you’ve all entered for The Amazing Name! If not, check out the link http://apps.facebook.com/theamazingname/pages/7bca044babb9f7ba


Pops Truly,

Candi ♥

T.A.N Stands for The Amazing Name

T.A.N = The Amazing Name!

Here’s our newest contest Cuties! Get your POP on and enter for your chance to win this One-of-a-Kind Cutie.

Only one entry per Facebook Account so make it POP! ;)

Make sure to read the Offical Rules and Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

You Can enter at our FB Apps Page! (Follow the Orange Arrow under our Cover Photo) or click here.



T.A.N in 1 More Day!

Hey Fashion Cuties! I stumbled across this brilliant pic from Cutie-Club and thought I’d share it with you.

We’re only 1 day away from presenting T.A.N! The girls and I are so anxious to tell everyone the news, but till then Keep Calm and Pop Style Swap On. ♥

With all my pops,


TAN Official Rules

OFFICIAL RULES                                Version 1.0 Updated on 2/28/13


Entry/Eligibility  The “Cutie PopsThe Amazing Name Contest (“Contest”) is sponsored by Jada Toys, Inc. (“Jada”).  Contest is open to anyone who is able to enter, fill out our submission form, and follow all the Official Requirements described in this document.  To win the designer’s product, the participant must be an individual age 13 and older; Parents and adult guardians may enter for your children.

Background “The Amazing Name”. Have you got what it takes to name our One-of-a-Kind Designer’s Item? Participants enter their Amazing Name for a chance to win our Designer’s Custom Doll. Winner will be chosen by amount of “Likes” they accumulate during the allotted time on our Cutie Pops website.

How To Enter What’s in a name?” It’s your task to come up with a name for our One of a Kind doll. This doll is our Cutie Pops designer’s custom item that we’ll be happy to award to one lucky winner who gives us the most Amazing Name and reason for the name. All entries will be monitored.


·       If two of the same names are submitted- i.e. two participants name her Jane, they will both be posted during the voting period, only if the two descriptions are different. If two entries turn out identical in name and description, only the first one submitted will be entered for our polls. Each name entry must also have a short and sweet explanation (Maximum 30 words) on why that name was chosen. Good luck to all our Cuties out there! We wish you happy Naming!

·       Any inappropriate entries or language will be subject to automatic disqualification.

Only one entry per Facebook Account.

To enter, Participant, you must complete the following steps:

1.      “Like Us” on the Official Cutie Pops Fan Page:

·        http://www.facebook.com/cutiepopsdolls

2.      Submit the Entry Form, and share with us your Amazing Name and why!

3.     Go to our Cutie Pops The Amazing Name Contest Page and Submit the following in the Entry form:

·        First & Last Name

·        City, State, Country

·        Email Address

·        Date of Birth

What is Cutie Pops™? They are unique, trendy friends, who love to decorate and accessorize everything in their colorful world. These dolls have clothes and accessories that every girl loves form cute hearts to pretty rainbows to all kinds of delicious sweets! You can express your own Cutie Pop style with unique style pops that are easy to use and share.

Contest Period Share your Amazing Name beginning 3/1/2013 at 4:01 PM PST.  No submissions are allowed after 3/20/2013 at 23:59 PST. At 3/25/2013 12:00PM PST, The Amazing Name contestants will all be up on our website for voting.

Voting Each eligible entry will be posted as their own individual page on our Cutie Pops website at www.mycutiepops.com.


Starting 3/25/13 12:00PM PST, participants will receive their own link to their entry on our website via email to share with friends and family.

The winner will be determined by who has the most number of “Likes” on their entry page on www.mycutiepops.com.


You will have from 3/25/13 12PM PST until 4/8/13 9:00 AM PST to get people to “Like” your entry.


Only “Likes” on each page will be accumulated. Not tweets.


By 4/8/13, the contest will close and Cutie Pops Social Media Team will tally up the entry with the most “Likes” on their page.


Announcement Winner will be announced 4/10/13

Winning Prize
1 Grand Prize

  • Never before seen Designer’s item.
  • One of a kind doll with her own Bag of Style of Pops and Custom-Made Mod Soft Goods Trench Coat.
  • Winning Name will be adorned on the custom made packaging.
  • Winner and Winning Name will be featured on our website and various social media platforms for one week after announcement.

How To Claim The Prize. Once the winner has been announced, he/she will have until 4/24/2013 (2 weeks) 5PM PST to claim. The winner will be announced at www.mycutiepops.com and via Facebook  To protect the privacy of our winners, only the last name and city of the winners will be posted. Jada will send an email to inform you with the procedure to claim your prize.  Winner has to claim their prize by April 24, 2013 5PM PST.  After the deadline, unclaimed prizes will be used for Jada’s next sweepstakes or contest.

You own the rights and liabilities of your own Information
.  Jada   is promoting creativity and fun with sweepstakes and contests. Jada will not own, claim any rights, or distribute your information.

Jada’s Rights Jada reserves the right to use “The Amazing Name’s” winning name in any future lines or products.

DO NOT put yourself in danger while applying for this sweepstake.  Jada does not encourage anyone to send their personal information to any other parties. Jada will not be responsible for any liabilities for any of your acts.  Please use your own judgment wisely and take caution.

Jada does not collect any personal information from the entry other than name, email, and age.  Only the Prize winners are required to provide Jada their detailed information for sending prizes. Personal information is solely used by Jada for contacting winners and sending out future promotions and news (via email) regarding Cutie Pops.

Taxes and Other Expenses.  Jada shall not be responsible for any damages, taxes, costs, or expenses that any Participant and Winner might incur as a result of the sweepstake or acceptance, receipt of this prize including, all federal, state and local taxes and licensing fees.  Winners shall be responsible for reporting and payment of all taxes, costs or expenses related to the Sweepstake, or the acceptance, receipt, possession and/or use of the prize including, without limitation, all federal, state, and local taxes and licensing fees imposed on the prizes or owed as a result of winning the prize.

ADVANCE NOTICE.  In case of uncontrollable factors or any legal matter raised against this sweepstake, Jada reserves the rights to cancel this sweepstake without notice.  All prize awards will be cancelled. Participants cannot claim their loss against Jada or its company officers and employees.  Jada reserves the rights to change or modify the sweepstake rules at any time.

Governing Law.  Participant’s Agreement with these Official Rules and any other agreement with Jada shall be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without reference to rules governing choice of laws. Any action, suit or case arising out of or in connection with this sweepstake, or the acceptance, receipt, possession or use of the prize must be brought in the courts located in Los Angeles County, California.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these rules shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. In the event that any such provision is determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable, these rules shall be construed in accordance with their terms as if the invalid or unenforceable provision was not contained therein.

Fashion Friends: Get Ready to Style n Pop Create n Swap!

More Contests to come! Keep checking back at our Website and Facebook for more details and updates!

Cookie in 2D

Just want to say Hi to all you Cuties out there! I hope all of you are liking the 2D-Cutie illustrations we have been posting. Speaking of illustrations, here’s mine!

Love, Cookie



Chiffon Illustration

Hey! Chiffon here. This is my newest 2D Illustration! I’m totally diggin these cute hair pops. What do you think?

Real Life Cutie Meets Tangerine

Real Life Cutie Meets Swirly Brights

We’re just as excited to see her expression as she is to be holding Tangerine!

Puppy ♥

Who’s Got Puppy Love?! ♥

Share your favorite fashion pups with your friends http://apps.facebook.com/cutiecupid/pages/5a49e143aa7a3b29

Hurry! Valentine’s is almost here. :)

Hugs & Kisses

HUGS and kisses from Cutie Pops! Have you sent out your Valentine’s Day Grams yet?

Click here to send some love to all the Cutie Pies in your life!

Cutie Pops Petites Commercial

Swirly Brights Commercial

V ♥ Day Grams

Hey Cuties! Cookie here. V-DAY is only 10 days away. Eeek! Time to play Cutie Cupid and send out my fave Valentine’s Grams. :)

Send yours now at http://apps.facebook.com/cutiecupid/pages/5a49e143aa7a3b29


Cutie Cupid

Be a Cutie Cupid this Valentine’s and share a gram with your beloved friends and family! Just go to the “Cutie Cupid” Tab (Right hand side under our cover photo), click on a gram and share!

Link: http://apps.facebook.com/cutiecupid/pages/5a49e143aa7a3b29

Roses are…

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Cutie Cupid,
Coming Soon To You!


Swirly Brights

Swirly Brights popping on scene with their vibrant colors and super cool swirl designs. Collect them all now at your major retailers!

Show us your Swirly Brights at photos@cutiepopsdolls.com

Swirly Brights Chiffon

Chiffon’s bringing back the “it” look with her sparkly blue jumpsuit!


Swirly Brights Tangerine

Tangerine groovin’ out in orange and pink! We’re loving the SWIRLY details on her bows & dress.

VROOOM! This is our very first Cutie Pops Radio Control Vehicle fan photo. Thanks to Cutie Pops fan Ben C. :)

Cutie Pops Fan Mail

Carmel ♥ Puppies

Hi! Carmel here. I’m listening to some One Direction mixes on Dixie’s headphones while walking my puppy! Which artist is always on your playlist?

Cute Runs in the Fam

Cute runs in the family!

Thanks to Missy for sending in her Cutie Pops family portrait.

Summer Plays It Up

Summer played up her look with a brown hue hair pop while she walked Carmel’s puppy

Thank you Missy D. for sending in this lovely photo of Chiffon and Cookie!

People’s Choice Award Outfit

Hi Cuties! It’s me, Dainty! I’m rocking out in Dixie’s bright hair pop and style pops for tonight’s People’s Choice Awards! Will you be tuning in??


Mix & Match Part 1

Cutie Pops Petites Mix & Match !

Dixe popped on Dainty and Carmel’s style pops and switched out her bright hair pop to Dainty’s baby pink and blonde hair.

Adorable? We say yes!


All in a Day’s Dream

All in a day’s dream.

We love this dreamy shot of Cookie and S’mores from Missy D.


Cutie Pops Family

The Cutie Pops Family! (Minus Swirly Brights and Sweets Chiffon and Sweets Candi)

From top row to bottom row, left to right: Candi, Magenta, Carmel, Starr, Cookie, Tangerine, Chiffon.

Sent in by natsukigirl.

Do you have a Cutie Pops Family? Share it with us at photos@cutiepopsdolls.com


Off the POP of your head

Off the POP of your head

Can you give us your caption for this photo? We want all our fans to chime in and give us a creative “swirl” for this image! Click here to participate!

Natsukigirl Fan Photo

Natsukigirl added some New Years glitz to this SUPER cute snapshot of Magenta in her Day in the Park outfit.


One Sided Ponytail

Photo sent in by Ben C. “This is of Candi rockin’ a stylish polka-dot dress with a side ponytail featuring Day In The Park hair”

Has anyone else rocked a one side ponytail on their Cutie Pops yet?


Magenta by Lynn H.

Cutie Pops fan, Lynn H picked up Swirly Brights, Magenta and gave her a totally new rad makeover!

(She used Candi’s closed eye set & bows, Donuts pop pack, and Party Evening Wear)

We’re excited to see more pics! Send your fan photos to photos@cutiepopsdolls.com

Big N Small, Fun for All

Big N Small, Fun for All!

New Cutie Pops Petites are 5” dolls packed with fashionable fun. Collect all 5 and share!

Happy New Year Cuties!

Happy New Year to all our Cuties around the world!

Hey Cuties! What do you all have planned for tonight? Going to watch the ball drop in Times Square? Or rocking out with your favorite Cutie Pops like Dainty ♥ Parties?! Have fun and stay warm tonight!

Many thanks to the fan photo sent in by Jesus A. :)

Starr-Struck with Missy D.

Starr-Struck with a fan!

Missy D. sent in a gorgeous snapshot of her with Cutie Pops, Starr. We simply can’t get enough of her long beautiful locks!

Thanks-A-Pop Grand Prize Winner

Congrats again to our Thanks-A-Pop Sweepstakes Grand Prize winner, Amber V.

What an adorable photo of your daughter, Alexis with Carmel!♥

Jingle Bell POP

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle Bell POP!

Christmas Fan Art from Kat Bellz T.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Cuties!! From Cutie Pops Dolls Chiffon, Cookie, Candi, Carmel and Starr ♥

Be safe and stay warm this holiday season!


Fan Photo by Stacie

Hi Cuties! It’s Chiffon!

Our fan Stacie, sent in a gorgeous picture of me. I love this glam shot of me rocking out in the Day in the Park Hair and Eye pack with Lolli.

Got any pictures to share with me? Sent them to photos@cutiepopsdolls.com.


Summer ♥ Vacations

Now out in stores! These 5” dolls are packed with fun!

New Cutie Pops Petites comes with doll, 1 hair extension, 1 accessory, 4 styles pops, and 1 bow pop.

Dixie ♥ Music

Dixie ♥ Music!

Now out in stores! New Cutie Pops Petites comes with doll, 1 hair extension, 1 accessory, 4 styles pops, and 1 bow pop!


Carmel ♥ Puppies

Meet Carmel &hearts; Puppies

New Cutie Pops Petites comes with doll, 1 hair extension, 1 accessory, 4 styles pops, and 1 bow pop!

Cutie Pops Petites

Cutie Pops Petites “I Love Series”. These new 5” Cutie Pops Dolls are absolutely CUTIE-LICIOUS!

Meet Carmel ♥ Puppies, Dixie ♥ Music, Summer ♥ Vacations & Dainty ♥ Parties (From Left to Right)!