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Meet the Girls Poppin On the Scene Dec 2012

Meet the newest addition to the Cutie Pops family, Carmel! We’ve also included a first look to Chiffon and Candi’s new outfits.

Trick or Treat

A Cutie ♥ Pops fan went Trick-or-Treating with Cookie and Smores yesterday!

How adorable! We absolutely love the matching butterfly wings.

Share your pictures with us at photos@cutiepopsdolls.com

Braids or Twist?

I absolutely adore both these hairstyles, but which one should I have on for Cookie’s tea party tomorrow afternoon? Hmm, Classic Braids or Cute Twist?


Color Me Pink

Hey Cuties! Candi here! I’ve always wanted to try hot pink hair and today my hair stylist had some cute new hairstyles for me to try.

She had me try on the Party Evening Wear matched with the Party Evening hair. More portraits to come!



Movie Day

Hello Cuties! Thank Pop It’s Friday! Popcorn and I love Fridays because movies get released! What movie do you think we’ll be watching today?





Twitter Pic

Chiffon received another Fan Photo. Share yours with Cutie Pops!





Chiffon Artwork

Second Fan Pic of the Day from our fan Kat Bellz T.

“Chiffon is America’s sweetheart!
I used sweet pinks for my color story with some pops of hot pink and blue for fun.
Her Romper is sweet and sassy, with a funky heart shaped bodice.”

We’d love to see your artwork and fan photos! Send them our way and we’ll share them with the rest of our Cutie Pops Fans.







Who Let The Dogs Out!?


It’s about time we shed some light on Cutie Pops Pets! These four puppies are the perfect companion and friends for the Cutie Pops! Which Cutie Pops Pet has made your collection?

(From Left to Right on Top Photo: Smores, Popcorn, Lolli, & Dott)

#CutieChiffon by Jesus A.

Jesus A. has shared with us a cute shot of Chiffon! Cutie Pops are seriously in love with this photo.  Chiffon looks so rockin` in her fluffy pink POP star outfit! We’d love to swoon over more pics! Share with us your Cutie Pops love @ our Facebook: www.facebook.com/cutiepopsdolls



Light as a Feather

Chiffon looks so serene and beautiful in this bed of light blue feathers. Got any photos of Chiffon you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see Chiffon in more stills! Send it to our Twitter or Facebook with the tag: #CutieChiffon and we’ll post it in our Poparazzi Gallery!






Hey There De-lilac!

Cookie is def some kind of gorgeous in this bed of magenta lilacs! Her friends always say how graceful she looks in any setting! Got any photos of Cookie you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see Cookie in more stills! Send it to our Twitter or Facebook with the tag: #CutieCookie and we’ll post it on our Poparazzi Gallery!