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Crystalina’s Lookbook Part 3

It’s another braids day! What hairstyles have you tried with your Crown Cuties? Send your pics my way at photos@cutiepopsdolls.com

Pops & Kisses,


Crystalina’s Lookbook Part 2

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Fridays are known to be Casual Fridays so I took down my crown and did a swirly braid. I separated my pigtails in two, braided one part, and used the other part to wrap around the braid. More hairstyles to come!

Pops Truly,

Crystalina’s Lookbook Part 1

Hi Cuties! It’s me, Crystalina. As you all know, Crown Cuties is all about hair play and today I decided to play up a short bob! What do you think? Does short hair look good on me?


Pearlina’s Lookbook Part II

Hmmm. It’s a braids kind of day!
Should I leave my hair down tomorrow or try another regal updo?


Pearlin’s Debut !

Hey Cuties,

Time for my official debut! My name’s Pearlina and I’m part of the new Crown Cuties.

For this week, I’ll be sharing some cool hairstyles you can play up with the Crown Cuties style crown and wear & share hair braid. Stay Tuned!